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Islamic culture

Islamic culture: Eid al Adha

In Islamic culture,Eid al-Adha is an Arabian word which means( “festival of sacrifice”), furthermore called Feast of the Sacrifice, the foremost Festival, the Greater Eid, Kurban Bayram and Bakrid, is…

Kung fu: part 3

Kung fu in earliest period: The earliest quotation to martial creative pursuits in the Chinese historical record stems from the jump and Autumn (BCE 770-476) Period of the to the…

Kung fu

Kung Fu: part 2

Most people think kungfu is a technique to make you stronger that you can win fights. This is totally wrong! They use it to strengthen their mind and body. Most…

Culture of India

Culture of India : Indian marriage

In India there’s no bigger event in an exceedingly family than a marriage, dramatically evoking each potential social obligation, kinship bond, ancient worth, torrid sentiment, and economic resource. within the…

culture of india

Culture of India : Holi

One of the foremost festivals of Asian nation, Holi is widely known with enthusiasm and gaiety on the total moon day within the month of Phalgun that is that the…

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes

  Birthday wishes can be a quote,a poem or anything else that your near and dear one like most.Here some poem by which you can wish someone:

Kung fu

Kung Fu : Technique

Kung fu styles are so many.It is related to body fitness and self defense.The five animals of the Southern Kung fu style of Chinese martial arts: Dragon: Exercises to cultivate…

Japanese culture

Japanese culture: Cuisine

Japanese Culture is very rich in their food.Japanese cuisine is the nourishment components, groundwork and way of consuming of Japan. The traditional food of Japan is specially based on rice…

Kung fu

Kung fu: Part 2

Kung fu – ‘kung’ that means ‘energy’ and ‘fu’ that means ‘time’ – could be a Chinese self- defense technique whose recorded history dates back to around 525 AD, throughout…

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